Head Cleaning Brush

Coffee Parts Orange Group Head Cleaning Brush


Coffee Parts Orange Group Head Cleaning Brush

To clean the group head gaskets on coffee makers

The espresso machine cleaning kit must include the coffee brush, which is made specifically for maintaining the group head of the coffee maker. Leaks between the portafilter and group head seal are avoided thanks to the group brush’s ability to maintain the group seal clean. The head cleaner is a straightforward device, but it works wonders!

The brush is composed of durable polypropylene, and its handle’s fins are precisely intended to divert hot water away from your hands, making cleaning simpler and more efficient. The safety organe color makes it simple to locate the brush even in the recesses of dark drawings. Additionally dishwasher- and detergent-safe, these brushes.

Any busy barista in the food industry may use this straightforward brush.


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