MFC Green 1L

Organic cleaning solution for coffee machine leftover milk.

gets rid of milk residue.
For Organic Use Only.
Safe for all parts of the machine.
Bottle, one liter.


MFC Green

Regular cleaning of the coffee machine of milk residues such as milk proteins, lactose, and milk fat ensures hygiene and excellent coffee taste. Cafetto MFC Green is the perfect solution specially designed for cleaning the milk frothing system of your coffee machine. It does a great job of removing cream from coffee machine steam wands, valves, and hoses, and it also descales automatic milk frothers. It contains biodegradable detergents derived from natural acids. Even after rinsing, it does not leave any trace of odor. Since it’s NSF certified, it’s safe for use on all machine parts and won’t cause corrosion inside your coffee maker. Each bottle contains 1 liter of cleaning solution, enough for 20 cleaning cycles.


  • Close the white cap tightly first, then loosen the green cap slightly.
  • Squeeze the bottle gently until the reservoir is 50ml full.
  • Remove green cap and pour from container.
  • Add 50 mL of the solution to 1 L of warm water in a clean container.
  • Make sure to replace the green cap and close tightly after filling the desired dose. Insert the milk frother straw into the solution.
  • Pass the entire solution through the frother. Repeat the above process with 1 liter of clean water to rinse all components thoroughly.

MFC Green


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